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There seems to be a lot of "smoke and mirrors"
in the pin business these days.

Anyone can offer a "low" price for custom pins.
But, as is usually the case, you get what you pay for.


Hard Enamel, which produces the highest quality pins, is
the time-honored method of cloisonné -
painstakingly hand filling small areas of the pin
with the various colors.

Lately we have seen some suppliers promoting "cloisa-look".
Often these are nothing more than a colored sticker pasted
on a metal shape and then coated with plastic or epoxy.


We have a variety of techniques available -
Hard Enamel (cloisonné),
Soft-Enamel (paints are used),
Hard Enamel with Silk-Screening
(used for designs with intricate details
too small for cloisonné alone),
Epoxy-Coated Soft-Enamel,
Photo-Etched and


While we prefer to do Hard Enamel, often the design
and size of the pin dictates other techniques.
These decisions are always done in collaboration with
our customers. No matter what we use, you can depend on
the finest quality and representation of your design.

Some of the other processes will produce quality
pins at lower pricing.


For an evaluation of your design and price quote,
mail, fax or e-mail a copy of your design
along with the size and quantity desired (50 pin minimum).





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