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Deadlines are important!..We make every effort to

help you meet an event deadline. ..However, it is important

to plan ahead. ..Consider that it takes roughly 5 to 6 weeks

to produce the pins and to get them to you.


Complex designs and very small and very

large orders just take longer.


The 5 to 6 week timing is based on from when the order

is initiated and paid for - not from when we

start talking about the artwork and order!


Holidays and the actual factory production schedule

also affects delivery time, so don't press your luck - order early!




Pin pricing is based on the size of the order, the complexity

of the design, the pin size and the process used to

make the pins.


Often the design complexity dictates the size and process we use.

In order to quote you a price, we first need to see

your finished artwork.


Send your artwork to us as an e-mail attachment and let us

know the order quantity. ..We will get back to you

with our recommendations and pricing.




Custom pins, emblems and patches must be pre-paid.

We accept checks, MasterCard and Visa as payment.


We do not accept American Express, PayPal nor Discover.




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